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Jumei Insiders Withdraw Buyout Bid Under Heng Ren Pressure – Activist Insight

While $466 Million in Market Value is Destroyed, iKang Shareholders Await "White Knight"

Jack Ma's Yunfeng Capital Needs to Fulfill Promises on iKang, or Move Out of the Way

All the Lipstick in China Can't Cover Up Jumei's $397 Million in Value Destruction

Activist Insight

China Cord Blood ditches management buyout

Heng Ren to Testify Before Congressional Committee on January 26.

Bloomberg: Sinovac Investor Demands 75% More for China Vaccine Maker Buyout

Seeking Alpha: Investor Says Sinovac Insiders' Bid 75% Undervalued

Bio Portfolio: Insiders Need to Raise Bid by 75%, Remove Poison Pill - Heng Ren Investments

Yahoo Finance: Heng Ren's Letter to Sinovac Challenges Bid Valuation

Morningstar: Heng Ren Challenges Low Bid by Sinovac Insiders

ChinaBio Today: Heng Ren's Action Regarding Sinovac Biotech and SAIF Partners Featured Deal

China Money NetworK: Investor Challenges SAIF-Backed Deal for Sinovac

Street Insider: Sinovac Biotech's "Epic Failure of Corporate Governance" Casts Doubt on Business Ethics of Children's Vaccine Maker

Mergermarket: Sinovac activist goes public with price hike demands; going-private proposal an 'epic failure of corporate governance'

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